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Photo Database System
6.8 Released September 6, 2014

Ideal for those with a large image collection, DBGallery lets you manage, organize, find and share with ease. DBGallery image management is the superior solution for extracting the full value out of your image collection.

It can be downloaded, installed, and have you or your company gaining improved value from your image collection in under an hour!

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DBGallery Enterprise
Concurrent User, Distributed Environment

DBGallery's backend runs on Windows and Linux servers. Its user interface component is a rich Windows desktop application. An optional web server plugin provides internet access through web browsers.

DBGallery is used across a wide range of industries, organizations and non-profit groups. See our partial list of customers and sampling of real customer scenarios from the shipping, education, and mining industries.

Extra Special Features
Move out of prehistoric photo storage!

Concurrent User Access (Multi-User)
Anyone within the organization can utilize DBGallery to concurrently access the image database, provided they have been granted permission.

Email Import
The email import service will monitor any configured email Inbox and automatically import attached images into the DBGallery database. Each email sender may have images go to their own area of the database, or all email images may go to a single processing/approval area.

Supports a huge number of formats.
RAW images, Gimp(Xcf), Photoshop, Adobe Digital Negatives (DNG), GIFs, PNGs, and many more photo formats, as well as a large number of video and audio formats.

Internal or Internet Access
DBGallery's database and files exists on your internal network. If secure web access to portions of DBGallery is required our web-server plugin enables specific areas to be opened to web users. You specify who has access to what...whether it be internal or via the internet.

What makes DBGallery Different?
And it is different!

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DBGallery has a single minded focus on one thing: the organization of digital media. It does not attempt to be the swiss-army knife of imaging software. It pays special attention to image data to help accomplish this. Various types of data are used to organize and quickly find images in a massive collection. Image data is a completely awesome way to organize, explore, and obtain the full value of a photo collection.

DBGallery is also unique in its multi-user capabilities, allowing multiple people in an office to use the same set of photos, their data, as well as their organization. Fine grained access permissions enables tight control over who can do what. The efforts from anyone in the office using DBGallery to organize photos or add data is shared among all users.

Typically run on your internal network and server, a web-server plug-in is available to provide access to portions of your company's photos over the internet. DBGallery may also be fully hosted by us. This fully hosted option runs on Amazon's EC2 (Elastic Computing Cloud) environment, and comes pre-configured so you're up and running the day it's ordered. See more at our Web Access Options blog entry, flexible deployment scenarios page, or What's Awesome about DBGallery's Webserver Plug-in. This one minute video is an overview of opening up access to your DBGallery image collection.


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